Fixed Shutters

Fixed Shutters


Shutters are fixed window coverings, most often with louvres. Fixed shutters are those same window coverings with louvres that can’t be adjusted - fixed louvres.

The style of the shutter is dependent on the purpose, however when those shutters have solid louvres it’s usually for one of several reasons:

• To control the amount of sunlight
• As protection against wind, rain and storms
• For privacy reasons
• To stop unwanted intruders
• To enhance the look and style of a building
• For ventilation purposes

Often newer houses and apartments have very narrow eaves, this leaves open windows and therefore the interior vulnerable and exposed. Adding fixed shutters is an effective and efficient way to combat this issue easily.

Fixed Louvres

Fixed Louvres are Powder coated Aluminium and can come in a range of colours.