Your outdoor living space needs some protection against sunlight and even unwelcome nosy neighbours. In practice, this means installing outdoor blinds on your Toowoomba patio or veranda. These are the best option when it comes to protecting your outside living space, but you may want to ask some questions about the best material for your needs. Toowoomba Shade and Canvas are here to offer some suggestions.

Why some materials are better than others

Australia does have some difficult weather conditions in the world. The climate can be extremely harsh, particularly during the summer with a burning sun. This excessive and concentrated heat can sometimes do damage to shade fabrics if they are not the correct sort. This is why choosing the right one is so important.

Mesh weave fabrics

If you want to protect your patio with a mesh material, then having a fabric which is coated in PVC, to provide you with extra protection against staining, and with an open weave to allow pinholes can be the best option for you. The fabric will be able to filter light and heat as well as keeping you white private and can be obtained very easily from Toowoomba Shade and Canvas when you require it.

Fabric for roller blinds

If you want to make sure that you get the absolute best material blinds, then roller blinds may help you to get the right fabric. With our assistance, you can find fabrics that will best suit the needs of your Australian home and will also protect you against the intense heat of the sun. 

Blackout fabric

Often used in the interior of homes in order to shut out the sunlight, these can be perfect when used outside to provide shade to patios and outdoor living space. Find out how Toowoomba Shade and Canvas can help you to find the perfect material in blackout shades. 

Canvas shade sails

Shade sails are another popular domestic patio awning in Australia and can be made from the same canvas materials as shipping sails, tents, and other waterproof protective material. 

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