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Did you know that your home can take on ample heating through windows and doors?
During the winter months, this can be a benefit, but during the hot summer months this can easily overheat your home and lead to higher utility bills.

By having a well-placed awning over doors and windows, you can keep block the sun’s rays.
Not only that, but awnings can be made larger to fasten to the side of houses to create deck and patio coverings.

You’ll find that we have awnings in a wide range of sizes and in a variety of configurations.
We will help you choose the right options for your home by measuring the space you have available, and helping you pick the right materials for the job.

Awnings can be made from canvas for durability and shade, acrylic for added strength, or sunscreen awning fabric, which can block out up to 90% of the sun’s heat.

Automatic Lock

Automatic lock awnings are one of our most popular options, since they fold away easily when not in use, and they can be used in a number of configurations.

Arm Awnings

These awnings are designed for ease of use and installation. They fold away totally out of sight when they aren't being used, keeping them safe from the weather.

Pivot Arm

Pivot arm awnings are perfect for use upstairs and downstairs. They can be controlled with a rope or by motorised controls.

Roll Down

Roll down awnings make great patio coverings for added privacy. These awnings can be made in a variety of shapes to accommodate your space and design vision.
The folding arm awning has an easy to install and use configuration. The arm folds up and away out of sight when not in use.