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External blinds are an ideal way to provide your exterior areas with a little more protection than you’d normally get. They can help keep the chill out during the cool winter months, while also adding a little shade from the hot summer sun. Not only are they a great idea for your home, but they can also be used throughout commercial restaurants in seating areas. You can rest assured that all of our external blinds will be a perfect fit for your space, as they are made on-site at our Toowoomba factory.

Everything will be precisely measured and manufactured specifically for your space. Additionally, we have a wide range of materials available, including PVC, canvas, and shade mesh for those who want privacy but also air flow. All external blinds can be installed by home or business owners, or we can send out our installation team to handle it for you, the choice is yours.

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Why choose us for outdoor blinds?

At Toowoomba Shade and Canvas, our customers come back to us again and again because we put quality at the forefront of everything we do.

All items are backed by our lifetime guarantee. If anything wears out or loses functionality during the life of the product, you will receive a replacement or discount. It’s that easy!

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Outdoor Blinds & Shade Solutions

Urban track outdoor blinds Toowoomba
Urban Track blinds offer a sleek and simplified appearance, while combining good looks with smooth operation thanks to a spring assist centre mechanism. They also have a motorised version to make using them even easier.

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Sidetrack — Outdoor Blinds in Toowoomba, QLD
Slidetrack blinds are a unique option among outdoor blinds thanks to its specially designed slotted side tracks. These blinds glide smoothly up or down and can stop at whatever position you choose. Slidetrack blinds are known for their streamlined appearance and easy to use open and closing motion.
Ziptrack — Outdoor Blinds in Toowoomba, QLD
Ziptrak blinds offer the same slotted side tracks as the Slidetrack model, but they also have a spring loaded top.

Some styles even come with an easy to use crank handle.

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