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Need to sort out all that camping gear or off on a trip?

Talk to one of our team members today about the options that will suit your needs and have a swag or bag made in no time.

We can add pockets with zips for the wallet and keys or padded bags to protect that important tool.
Either way we know we have a bag or swag to meet your requirements.

Custom Swags

Toowoomba Shade and Canvas has a selection of bags and swags to accommodate virtually any demands for storage while on-the-go. Whether you need to organise your camping gear, you are going on a road trip, or you’re headed out for a day of backpacking, we have something that is sure to please. You’ll find bags and swags in a variety of colours and styles.

All of our swags are heavy-duty and made from vinyl or canvas, and most come with zipper covers to prevent water leakage. We can also design bags to meet your unique needs. We can add zippered compartments for your keys or phone or add padding throughout to keep fragile items safe inside.

Custom Bags

Bags for work or play, sporting groups or equipment or just to travel with, we can custom colour and design your swags and bags.

We can even custom design our range of bags and swags by adding your name, logo, a photo etc.

Call us today to start designing yours!

Find bags & swags for adults & kids alike

We can provide bags in all sizes, so you can find something for your entire family. We have a vast assortment of specialised bags for fishing, working out, and more. We also stock duffle bags for kids and teens, which are ideally suited for school or extracurricular activities.

If you’re looking for a custom-designed bag, contact our team today! We’ll work with you to create a design that meets your requirements.
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