Folding Arm

Folding Arm Awnings Toowoomba


Extend your outside entertaining area all year round, without the cost of a builder! A folding arm awning arm extends horizontally so you can sit underneath it. Folding Arm Awnings are ideal for Patios, beside a pool, over a desk, or even extending the dining area of a restaurant or café. Folding Arm awnings are great for creating another living area in a stylish contemporary way.

The opening and closing controls can be operated by a crank handle, or they can motorised. Fabric can be lightweight canvas or mesh fabric. The fabric of the awning can be held within a cassette, so when it folds away, the fabric and components are completely protected from the weather and general wear and tear.

Automation Options

This awning can be fitted with sun and wind sensors, where the awning automatically adjusts and can bring itself out or in depending on the weather. A folding arm awning can be motorized and controlled by remote.

For such a considerable and useful investment it is often recommended to get the awnings motorised, and then get the added feature of a “sun & wind sensor”. This mechanism can be programmed to activate the awning automatically and fold it away if the wind gusts get too high. Alternatively, if you use the awning to protect a side of your house from harsh westerly sun, you can have the sun sensor programme the awning to automatically extend and protect your window when the sun gets too hot.

A folding arm awning is a specialised awning and should be fitted by a qualified awning fitter or carpenter. Contact Toowoomba Shade and Canvas to get expert, specialised advice and service.

Whichever awning you decide is best for your needs, Toowoomba Shade and Canvas can provide you with a solution to delight you. Call today for a free measure and quote.