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Roller shutters are more than just a fashion statement. They offer smooth operation, a streamlined look, and they have a variety of practical functions that make them a winning solution for many homes.

Not only do they allow you to fully control when air flows in or out, but they also block out sunlight during bright days.

Many roller shutters provide an added element of security against intruders. Since they are made from metal materials which are sturdier than other window covers, they can help to prevent break-ins.

Additionally, roller shutters can help shut out noise. So, if you live in the city and you have loud neighbours or constantly hear barking dogs from your bedroom, roller shutters may help prevent the noise pollution by up to 50%.

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Quality Roller Shutters

We guarantee that all of our products will last for years without breaking down. That goes for our roller shutters as well. In fact, we guarantee them for the life of the product, so you have nothing to lose by ordering them for your home or business.Additionally, all shutters will be fabricated to accurately fit your windows.

We will come out, measure your openings, and create coverings that will perfectly meet your needs. All items are made to our high standards, from high-grade materials that you won’t find with just anyone.

If you are ready to discover the benefits of roller shutters, contact us today! We’ll help you determine if they are the right option for your needs.

Aluminium Roller Shutters


"Save on your energy while protecting your most valuable asset."

Rollashield shutters not only offer protection and peace of mind, they provide a more comfortable and eco friendly environment. Lightweight yet extremely strong the curtain area consists of an aluminium skin injected with a polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation qualities.

Manufactured right here in Australia, discover for yourself why more and more people are taking advantage of this truly multi-functional product.

Features & Benefits


Fixed Shutters

Shutters are fixed window coverings, most often with louvres. Fixed shutters are those same window coverings with louvres that can’t be adjusted - fixed louvres.

The style of the shutter is dependent on the purpose, however when those shutters have solid louvres it’s usually for one of several reasons:

• To control the amount of sunlight
• As protection against wind, rain and storms
• For privacy reasons
• To stop unwanted intruders
• To enhance the look and style of a building
• For ventilation purposes

Often newer houses and apartments have very narrow eaves, this leaves open windows and therefore the interior vulnerable and exposed. Adding fixed shutters is an effective and efficient way to combat this issue easily.

Fixed Louvres

Fixed Louvres are Powder coated Aluminium and can come in a range of colours.