Peg Bags Toowoomba


We’ve got all types of handy solutions for around the house and yard.From sturdy punching bags to handy fishing bags. If you need something stored, hung or handy, we’ll make a canvas creation.

Peg bags have been around forever and with good reason. They are a super practical solution that make hanging out the clothes just a little easier. And they come in a range of beautiful colours for you to choose from.

We can make any kind of peg bag you want, completely to your specifications.

These bags not only look great, they are sturdy, durable and weatherproof. They can be made with a strong handle or strap to hang on the clothesline or washing basket trolley so you don’t have to think about where the pegs are every time you are hanging out the washing.

Tough, attractive and practical - everything you could possibly want in a peg bag.